a description of the game, features and codes

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a description of the game, features and codes

Download a description of the game, features and codes for FREE

Any game sooner or later causes difficulties inpassing. Dota 2 was no exception. The gameplay of the so-called MOBA is different from the usual – they can not be “passed” to the end, like other well-known customers, and many people face problems that can not be solved without assistance.

cheats for dota 2

Basically, they are associated with the sharpening of the gameskill – skill. As an example, you can consider a situation where a beginner gamer wants to learn how to hit a hook for Pudge, but the recharge time ability and the ending mana prevent him from fully immersing himself in the process. To solve such problems invented by developers Dota 2 cheats in the lobby – a special location for training.

What are cheats?

For Dota 2, they work the same as for the othercybersport discipline. From English the word is translated as a deception, a scam. The cheat is the code that is entered into the program, and thus the course of its functioning changes. They are divided into official games, allowed by the developers, and unofficial. Cheats for Dota 2, if they are allowed, fit into a special called line – the console. In the case of prohibited codes, additional software is required, which is looking for a breach in the protection of the client of the game.

cheat codes for dota 2

Cheats are used to facilitate the game process,often even a single code can significantly affect the complexity of the passage. For this reason, players who do without this kind of help, with mockery and disdain, treat people who do not disdain to enter cheats.

Where can cheats be used?

Game developers are allowed to use cheatsin training locations. That is, where the game ceases to be competitive. There is a list of officially validated codes for Dota 2. Cheats with computer-controlled bots – when playing in the lobby, allow a gamer to hone some skill by creating suitable conditions for himself, or just to have fun alone, and also with friends . The most important plus of this function – a person does not spoil the game to the members of his team, training the coveted hero and just having fun. Even if the player entered the lobby and entered the cheat in order to feel superior, the match won will not go into the general statistics list, it simply will not exist for the game.

dota 2 cheats in the lobby

Some consider this way of trainingunnecessary. In their opinion, a player must learn everything himself, without codes for infinite mana, invulnerability and so on. On the one hand, this approach has the right to be, a person accustomed to using abilities without recharging may experience difficulties in this game, but on the other hand, there are skills that are problematic to train without cheats. For example, the so-called “wards”. Artifact appears in the store with a certain periodicity in a limited number. Cheats for the purchase of items (Dota 2) allow the player not to wait for a long time, while the number of wards required for training accumulates, and immediately get their required quantity in inventory.

Where is the use of cheats not permissible?

Chit-codes on Dota 2 are in no way impossibleapply during a real, non-training game. The developers envisaged the desire of people who failed to achieve success independently, to defeat in a dishonest way and closed the possibility of using codes anywhere, except for the uncompetitive lobby. But enterprising players create special programs that penetrate the game client and change his work. Such cheats will not give the player infinite mana, will not allow him to use abilities without recharging, otherwise members of the allied and enemy team will quickly calculate the dishonest person, but they facilitate the process in other ways. For example, there is a cheat code that allows to shoot as many mines as you need to kill a hero passing through them, and thereby save bombs. The player does not press a single button.

cheats for the purchase of dota 2 items

If developers learn about a player usingcheats in a competitive game, he immediately gets a ban. That is, lose the opportunity to play in the beloved DotA. Using cheats, a person gets an imaginary superiority, while in reality he does not represent anything good as a player. In e-sports with this approach, he still does not get.

Dota 2: cheats in the lobby

As mentioned above, the developers have createdcodes specially for the training location. Cheats for Dota 2 will begin to work only when the player, creating a lobby, in his settings will check the box next to the corresponding line. After that, he needs to boot into the game. Next, he can enter the desired command in two ways: via the chat line and directly to the console. The content of the input code differs depending on the input method. The command for the chat line begins with the “-” symbol, for the command line – with the word dota.

Cheats for items

Dota 2 provided for players a set of commands that facilitate the purchase of items.

  • gold “number” – allows the player to get into the inventory of the character the entered amount of game currency;
  • item “Subject Name” – The player receives an item in the inventory, the name of which he indicated during the commissioning of the team (the list of artifact names can be found in various forums or in the folder with the game client;
  • givebots “subject” – puts the selected object in the inventory of all allied and enemy bots.

dota 2 cheats with bots

Other popular codes

The main cheats for Dota 2:

  • wtf – The player will no longer spend mana, in addition, the time to recharge abilities will disappear;
  • unwtf – terminates the above regime;
  • allvision – The player gets the visibility of the map’s parts both for the side of the world and for the darkness;
  • normalvision – the player sees the card as he did before the introduction of the above command;
  • startgame – the timer counting the time before the start of the game, is reset, the first stream of creeps is launched;
  • refresh – the hero under the control of the player, mana, health is restored, the recharge time of the used abilities is removed;
  • lvlup “number” – the hero under the control of the player is assigned the entered level, which can not be negative or exceed the value of “twenty-five”; With the help of this command you can not reduce the unit level;
  • killwards – All wards placed on the map will be destroyed;
  • spawnneutrals – all dead neutral units will be revived.

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