aimbot – GamLokR Controller Grips

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aimbot – GamLokR Controller Grips

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IMG 0414 - Free Game Hacks

Everyone wants to try to have a competitive edge over the next guy. So it’s natural instinct to want to want to try to “1 up” everyone. People buy all kinds of third party accessories or controllers to try to gain an advantage to make their aim better or have people think they’re an aimbot. Are they worth it?

Better to play with stock controllers

In my experience with making big mods you take a big risk. Whether it be modding your phone, vehicle, or PC. You take a big chance. The manufacture designs their product to be used the way they intended it to be.

Why take a big chance on buying an expensive controller?

If you’re on the fence about buying an expensive customize-able PS4 or Xbox One controller. Why don’t you take a step back and just make a few tweaks. Some of these smaller mods give a greater advantage than paying over $140 for a controller and you don’t take the risk of making a bad investment.

Get a controller mod that’s easy to replace.

If you want to mod a stock controller if you’re not happy with it you know for a fact your controller will still be in good shape. No harm no foul. So it’s best to just make small tweaks. Adding a controller grip is one of the easiest, inexpensive and has a noticeable difference. Check out and get a controller grip.

Everyone wants better aim

How do I improve my aim? The key to better aim is practice. How much gaming time are you putting in? how many days a week? Are you consistently playing the same game or do you start playing something else that may not help you improve your aim?

Overall I prefer stock controllers instead of paying $140 or more and not take the risk of my controller breaking or not working.

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