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Apex Legends Cheats/Hacks | Apex Download

Many popular games in the market, especially the battle royale games have a huge problem with cheat/hack usage and Apex Legends is no different. Even in the early days, there has been a wide hack use existing in the game. Many websites were promoting and selling these cheats. Pricing of the ones we have seen so far was between $30- $150. A majority of these cheats claim that there will be no detection from the Easy Anti-Cheat software that Apex Legends uses. Although this gives them a sense of safety and relief, Respawn Entertainment managed to ban at least 500.000 accounts for cheat usage. The developer company’s methods to win the war against cheaters didn’t stop there.

Across the web, many people posted on cheat forums that they had faced a hardware ban. If you don’t know what hardware ban is, let us explain shortly. It means that the players who face this type of ban will not be able to connect the game from the same computer again, thus, they either need to get a new PC or forget about Apex Legends existence forever. We don’t know the number of players who faced the hardware ban so far but we think it’s at least 10% in that 500K accounts. We speculate that Respawn follows a simple path on this. If accounts linked to single hardware been banned multiple times, then the company performs a hardware ban.

This means Respawn Entertainment raised the bar when it comes to the war against cheaters in videogames. Also, Apex Legends players now are able to report cheaters in-game. The structure of the system is really good. It allows players to report the player in a specific way. There is multiple information about the type of cheat players face against to the company such as no recoil, aimbot, speed, etc. This shows a great example to other developer companies such as Epic Games. The company is notoriously known for losing its war against cheaters on Fortnite Battle Royale. Sure, Apex Legends is not completely free from cheaters but we see a high decrease compared to the early days.

We do not recommend anyone to download and use these cheats as it is one of the main causes of information theft. The malware found in the cheat files can detect your social media information, banking information and licenses that exist in your programs. This puts you under a big risk when you choose to download them. When we put the pros and cons of cheats on a scale, it’s always best to stay away from.

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