Apex Legends for PC: Game Review, Free Download Links, Install Tips

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Apex Legends for PC: Game Review, Free Download Links, Install Tips

Apex Legends is a battle royale game from Respawn, Titanfall developers. As in all battle royales, your main goal in the game is to survive and lead your team to victory. The game has its unique charm as in it you become a Legend, a hero with one of the outstanding abilities that may save your life and the lives of your team members. Download Apex Legends on your PC, PS4, or Xbox One and become a hero you always wanted to be.

What can you expect from Apex Legends gameplay?

The game is mainly concentrated on teamwork. While you will not find Titans here, there are lots of pleasant surprises which help Apex Legends to stand in one line with Fortnite. Developers believe: big giants will do no good to the battle royale where you have to be sneaky and fast, unnoticeable to your enemies. The game was released on three platforms at the same time and quickly gathered huge audience. Apex Legends still lures Titanfall fans, but this world can offer you much more.

You can’t create a new character in the game. Instead, you receive an already made Legend with skills. Prepare to deal with not only strong but also weak sides of every hero. There are seven characters at the beginning of the game, and two more appear during its course. Each character has their own role in a team, including basic support, defense, healing, and offense. You receive a balanced group which you need to lead. And remember, each of them has a strong personality:

  • Mirage is cheeky and overconfident with his perfect traps. His motto is not to take anything too serious. But don’t trust the first impression. He knows everything about mechanisms. He is a master of tricks and disappearance.

  • Pathfinder is famous for zip lines and gloating. This robot is optimistic despite anything. He does not know anything about his origin. He wants to find his creator.

  • Everything about Wraith is classified. She has supernatural abilities to manipulate time. While she does not have a clue who she was and how she received her powers, her portals are a great help to the whole team.

  • Lifeline or Ajay Che is the healer with a long and interesting story behind. She wants to fix everything evil her family made to this world. She joined the team to earn enough money for her charity organization.

  • Born and raised in the military family, Bangalore has a smoke launcher. Bangalore is overconfident from time to time. She is a professional soldier.

  • Former scientist Caustic can poison anyone in no time. Caustic does not mind to do experiments on humans. He lives for science.

  • Bloodhound is a real mystery with his ability to track anything, and there are lots of legends about his origin following him everywhere. According to one theory, he is half human half bat. He can track any beast.

  • Gigantic Gibraltar has the softest heart among other characters, but make no mistake: he is one of the deadliest killers as well. He helps those who need help. Gibraltar has a mechanic arm.

  • Octane, the adrenaline junkie, has been recently introduced in the game. He was inspired by Titanfall 2’s community and is a compliment from developers to their fans. Octane is crazy and fast.

Apex Legends Characters

There are 20 teams that can play alongside you in the game. All the teams start with no weapons on the unknown territory, and you need to learn how to survive, find the armor and progress. The game is more generous than Fortnite, for example, as you can find helmets, including a gold shield that will save you from death. It is great, but it can also be a problem as your enemies may have such protection as well.

How good are graphics in the game?

This is a Titanfall world, anyway, so prepare to be amazed by the beauty of nature. Every scene was made with attention to the tiniest details. Together these small pieces are gathered in breathtaking views. Don’t hesitate to play the game on the big screen to see all these waterfalls and gigantic green trees. Even the abandoned buildings have never looked so good. You will feel the love of the game designers to the world they have created.

Don’t forget about the characters. Their moves are smooth and almost balletic. When they jump, they do it so gracefully that you want to watch it forever. When they cast spells, shoot enemies, make traps, you can feel this atmosphere and easily become part of it. They don’t have Fortnite’s amazing skins. They don’t have detailed personalities like in Overwatch. But you can customize their look and make them your favorites.

Apex Legends Graphics

Controls and System requirements of Apex Legends


The game is available on three different platforms. Each of them has its own requirements which your system needs to meet. Let’s start from the beginning:

  • PC Apex Legends needs 64-bit Windows system and processor Intel Core i3-6300, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, Radeon R9 290 and RAM of 1GB at least. If you don’t have enough power on your laptop or PC, pick the medium settings to make it run faster. Make sure you have 30GB of free space on your machine.

  • PlayStation 4 version of Apex Legends is smooth. If you need to change the sensitivity of your controller, do it before you start playing it. Go to the menu and choose the options you need.

  • Xbox One Apex Legends version is good and fast, but you may still want to change sensitivity or brightness. You will not have problems with controls. And don’t worry, your PS4 rivals will have equal abilities with you.

Apex Legends FAQ

Q.1 Can I download Apex Legends for free?

A.1 Yes! Apex Legends is a free game. You don’t have to pay for it. But if you want to buy extra weapon or skins, there are in-game purchases available.

Q.2 Which character is the best to play at first?

A.2 Every Legend has his/her strong sides. You may try all of them one by one. Try to find the personality you like the most and start with it.

Q.3 Is there an option to play online?

A.3 Yes! In fact, you can only play online, as you need to be in touch with other players and connected to the server.

Q.4 Is there a demo of the game?

A.4 No, actually there is no demo, as the game was released in its full version.

Q.5 Is the game available on Steam for PC?

A. 5 No, laptop or PC version is available on Origin.

Q.6 Is there an age limit in the game?

A.6 Yes, there is an age rating. There is a limit for children.


Apex Legends is one of the leaders among battle royale shooters. A number of Apex Legends downloads reached 25 million during the first week. The fan base continues to grow. What is the secret of success? Developers of Titanfall knew exactly what they were doing when they combined everything we loved in this game and everything we wanted to see in a battle royale. The Legends went far beyond our wildest expectations. They continue to amaze us in unexpected situations.


  • Unlimited options for your enemies
  • You need to become part of a team even if you feel uncomfortable playing with others


  • Fascinating graphics
  • Deep characters
  • Well-thought gameplay
  • Respawn system








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