Apex Legends -simple aimbot/glow external cheat free

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Apex Legends -simple aimbot/glow external cheat free


Previously, we have already posted this hack on our website, now you can download free cheat Apex Legends from our forum, as well as find open source code and if you understand the programming, you will be able to change the cheat using C++. Hack by samtulach

Engine based glow which shows players health by fading color (green to red, with shield to blue)
Simple aimbot that aims on head while holding a button (mouse5)
Easy to use with no settings

How to use
Download kdmapper (or updated kdmapper for 1903) and cheat driver
Load cheat driver with kdmapper
Run the game and enter match
Download cheat itself and run it
Pick up scaut and rekt everyone in your range
Restart the cheat on every match

Edit: You need to remap the driver on every reboot. You also need to start cheat while you are in game and restart it every match!


SOURCE CODE: https://github.com/SamuelTulach/apex-external

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