CoD community want bans for Warzone cheaters making matches “unplayable”

cod community want bans for warzone cheaters making matches unplayable - Free Game Hacks

CoD community want bans for Warzone cheaters making matches “unplayable”

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by Alan Bernal Infinity Ward


The Call of Duty player-base wants Infinity Ward to address Warzone’s growing problem with hackers, who have become more prevalent in the game since launch.

From speed hacks to aimbot, Warzone is becoming another victim in a long line of battle royales that is being overrun by players who use them. Previously, games like Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, Battlefield Firestorm, and Blackout have been soured by hackers.

To prevent Warzone from being the next battle royale on a downward spiral due to cheaters, players want IW to put a focus on thwarting the hackers who are “flourishing” in some regions.

agb wz 0309 vehicles 2 - Free Game HacksInfinity WardCheaters in Warzone have been showing up across regions and servers.


Putting the problem into perspective, Reddit user ‘notanaijin’ said that these players are “running rampant” in their local server.

“I’m playing on Asian servers because I live in Japan and cheaters are running rampant here (Chinese cheaters in particular),” they said. “People’s aim are staying glued to my head in the kill cams and I’m sure they can see through walls as they prefire around corners when I’m not making a sound.”

People in the thread pointed out the Asian servers’ infamous reputation of being a hotspot for a large portion of hackers in many other games and make them “unplayable.”

agb wz 0309 download - Free Game HacksInfinity WardWarzone hackers have been seen throughout matches across the CoD community.


The problem might not be as overtly prevalent across other regions, though people report that some form of cheater routinely shows up in their matches.

“For me, one in three games I get killed by [cheaters],” ‘Darkcount2011’ said, outlining how many hackers they come across over their matches. “Like obviously killed. Watching my death replay and just snapping on my head without recoil. Reported over 20 cheaters right now.”

It’s got to a point where some hackers are poking fun at the holes in IW’s anti-cheat as they rampage through the server. A video by user ‘ItzNickM80’ shows how they got eliminated by a player named ‘NiceAntiCheat’ who was mowing players down on their way to the final circles.


Needless to say, nothing frustrates players of any game more than running into cheaters and hackers, and with Warzone still being the talk of the town in the online gaming community, the pressure is now on Infinity Ward to address these issues before they start affecting the game’s success.



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