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Contents listed in order:

1. Cheat Features and meanings (urbandictionary but for csgo cheating) 2. Paid Cheats 3. Free Cheats 4. Basic Guide to cfging hvh cheats (not by me) 5. Overwatch and VAC bans, and how to prevent them.

Cheat Features and Terms you must know: Slang: • P2C – paid cheat

• F2C – free cheat

• HvH – hack versus hack (“rage” or “spin botting” cheaters versus each other, typically done on community servers.)

• hitting p/ p100 / mega p etc. – good. hvh term

• uff ja / hhhhhh / laff / n1 – retard hvh speak

• 1 – (hvh) means you got killed in one headshot

• dump – when a hvh cheat shoots at a persons “fake” or desync

• baim – body aim

[email protected] – (hvh) saying hello to “media”. same use as “hello youtube!”

• “you’re sliding” – someone can see your feet fail to do the walk animation, usually an indication of legit aa (defined in cheat features). This is said to call out closet cheaters.

• Closet cheaters – people that are cheating but will not admit it.

Cheat Features (hvh cheat features will be under the cfg guide)

• Aimbot/aim assistance – unnatural aim assistance .

• Smoothing – affects the speed at which the aimbot • Hitbox – what the aimbot will aim at.

• Delay – the delay before the aimbot acitvates

• Silent aim – the aimbot will not lock on for your view only !! overwatch and spectator still see you lock on

• Backtrack – an exploit which allows you to shoot at where a certain player was and still hit them. Usually is configured in Ticks or ms.

• RCS – recoil control system

• FOV – The size of the zone from your crosshair that the aimbot will engage enemies in.

• Shot delay – the shot number specified before aimbot targets an enemy

Visuals (only ones that aren’t defined in the name. e.g. Healthbar)

• Chams – colours playermodels and/or changes their materials.

• Traceline – draws a line from your model to the type of person specified

• Draw FOV – shows the FOV of your aimbot

•Playermodel FOV – alters your playermodel FOV (makes ur hands further/closer)

• Backtrack chams / History Chams – shows an enemie’s location history, and where they can be backtracked to.

• Flags (common ones include: money, flashed, distance, etc.) : draws text next to a person if they meet a condition of the flag (e.g. if a person is flashed then the “flashed” text will appear on your esp next to them), or displays the info specified (e.g “Money” simply shows you the amount of money a person has.”

• Spread circle – shows the weapon spread

• Grenade Helper – shows the path of your grenade before you throw it

• Damage indicators – shows damage you did to an enemy

• Knife/Zeus range – draws the range that the knife or zeus can do damage in around your playermodel (useful in thirdperson)


• Autostrafe – automatically stafes for you. Looks like you are doing nothing on your screen.

• Fast stop – exploit allowing a quicker stop from walking.

• Fast duck/unlimited duck – exploit that breaks crouch stamina

• Name stealer – changes your name around based on other players’ names in the match with you.

• Slide walk – makes your playermodel slide when walking.

Cheats* Here’s a master guide of the biggest csgo cheats and info to help you buy 🙂

(free cheats toward bottom uwu)

<>Legit <^>

• Iniuria –

Upsides: great cheat, undetected for ages. Has tons of features and customization. Offers lifetime. Downsides: Cheat is solely for legit, which is fine if you’re prime. Another downside is it’s a little more expensive the other legit cheats.

•Zapped.cc (updated!)

Upsides: Nice features, awesome visuals. Has blockbot and lua support. Cheap at only 9 dollars a month. Offers a rage mode. Has amazing Legit AA. Dev is friendly and helpful. Receives frequent updates and fixes, as well as improvements. Downsides: Has some bugs. The rage can’t be used for HvH but that’s to be expected of a legit cheat. The menu isn’t the greatest either.

• Novolinehook (invite only)

Upsides: Great cheat, solid undetection, great feature etc. Downsides: invite only, expensive

• Weebware Upsides: Good for legit. Has an awesome smartbot feature for making prime accounts. Downsides: no legit aa, lacking some features of popular cheats.


Upsides: Cheap Downsides: VAC detected often, pretty shit altogether

• 420Cheats, Redeye Cheats, 5dollarchears, abyss.gg (there are more)

Upsides- Cheap Downsides- shit cheats, vac dtc often, all pasted by same people

• Precision Cheats

Upsides – Undetected, pretty good features, cheap as hell Downsides- Not a lot of customization, visuals aren’t liked by a lot of people

<~> HvH <~>

(also can be used for legit but mainly hvh), also Here’s a pretty nice guide to HvH features.

• Aimware.net

Upsides: Good cheat, solid choice altogether. The cheat has tons of history. Has lua support and tons of luas for free. Easy enough to cfg. Good desync and aa options. Has a better legitbot than onetap.su. Offers lifetime. Downsides: VAC Auth errors and (albeit rarely,) vac wave detection. The cheat isn’t updated often at all, resulting in a gradual decline in how competent it is. The mods are retarded as hell. The userbase is cancerous and will defend their cheat till the end. (i have used aw) Worse for hvh than skeet and onetap. HWID Resets can take a week or more and your account can get banned for nothing.

• Onetap.su

Upsides: overall best public cheat for hvh. Awesome fakelag and backtrack as well as resolver. Has simple cfg system and custom model and skybox changer. Great visuals. Constantly being updated and improved. HWID RESETS IN MINUTES!! Has a good mod team. Has p exploits that hide your On Shot aa and one that breaks enemy backtrack. Their slowwalk aa is p is well. Downsides: Legitbot is kinda wack but they just totally reworked it and it’s decent now, but i personally like aimware legitbot more. Onetaps legit aa is safe and doesnt desync to the max which isn’t fun for trolling. The mods also refuse to acknowledge the cheat misses sometimes XD

• Fatality (invite only)

Upsides/Downsides: Overall decent cheat. Not great, not bad. Personally wouldn’t recommend but i’ve never used it.

•Skeet/Gamesense (invite only)

Upsides: Best hvh cheat with the right cfg and luas. Has awesome features. Honestly not writing about it, everyone knows this shit already. Downsides: Way overhyped. Everyone loses their shit when someone has skeet but it’s honestly not that great. Private and it’s really hard to get an invite. Skeet HWID locks are absolute cancer and occasionally you’ll get errors for removing usb devices. The mods will ban you if they see anything they deem sus. Resolver is meh.

• Mutiny.pw (invite only, but invites are super easy to get. public now)

Upsides/Downsides: Lots of features, cheap. Pretty shit cheat, most of the features it has are broken. The dev is pretty retarded and needs constant help on unknown cheats. However, recently it’s been getting better so we’ll see where it goes from here, but for now stay away.


• Fanta (all versions, some are invite only)

Upsides: Good features, different versions of the cheat. Overall decent for legit. However: Downsides: Obviously pasted, shitty cheat. The userbase will defend it to death tho.


HvH only: Onetap.su for public, skeet for private.

HvH/Legit: Aimware.

Legit only: Iniuria if public, novolinehook if private. Also consider Zapped.


remember, all free cheats have a SUBSTANTIALLY higher chance of getting you vac banned. If you have any intention of long-term cheating on an account you value, remember and heed this warning


  • Charlanto // Ratpoison: ONLY UNDETECTED FREE CHEAT. Ratpoison is better imo. If you have installation problems look up on google or youtube. Best free cheat for legit.

  • Project Infinity: Might steal user info, steer clear.

-EZFRAGS – MEGA P BEST CHEAT /s (don’t use this shit ever k thanks)

Cheat sources (to paste) to keep your paste UDTC, you must change the code often, add junk code, use a proper injector (if you need one HMU, it’s free) and know how to use features and hooks correctly. not the best bet for beginners

-Sensum: best legit source imo

-Osiris: great alternative to Sensum, p features

  • Indigo: Mediocre, can be difficult to paste

-gladiatorz- no

-anything else for legit: no


all free hvh cheats will get raped against p2c btw, good luck

Best Sources to paste from:



<~>Basic Cfg Guide<~> Great introduction to hvh settings (post NOT by me)

My cfg: add discord @ Factor#4025

}~{ VAC & Overwatch }~{

(not going over obvious stuff like VAC is a perm ban)


1. VAC is a result of your chest being detected. 2. VAC is not an IP or HWID ban. 3. VAC bans can be delayed. 4. VAC bans cannot be lifted 5. Some overwatch bans turn into VAC bans. 6. Using phone number for accounts means that if one gets banned the other will too.“` – Overwatch: 1. Overwatch is when a player watches a demo of you playing and decides if you are cheating or not. The player has the option to ban you. 2. Not all overwatch bans are perm bans. 3. It is unknown how many reports it takes to send a player to overwatch. Common belief is around 11 reports in 24 hours. 4. Great Overwatchers notice: -Extreme Fakelag -Any triggerbot without high delay and proper deadzone (especially “magnet” triggerbot) -Low smooth aimbot -High RCS -ANY bhops and autostrafe!! -obviously any rage settings ` Factor#9321 on discord 🙂
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