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Posted on August 25, 2014 by irismiller2014

If you have not heard or used the most awesome hack that I have ever seen then I feel sorry for you. But don’t worry about it, Here is the latest dota 2 items hack you can get it from here . Even though I lost many games and even lost 7 ranked games in a row, I am happy because I found this hack. I guess now you have downloaded it or even used it to get all the items but there were many questions from the user who had used that already. Some of the questions they asked and their answers are as follow:

Is it completely safe to use?
Ans: Yeah, This is 100% safe to use. I have been using this hack since last year of December. I have never experienced any problems or anyone who have ever experienced a steam ban. So, if its safe to use for the thousands of dota 2 players then I don’t think you will have any problems.

I am getting net framework error, What should I do?
Ans: Just download the latest net framework or any other version which is above 3.5 and the application will run without any errors

When will there be more updates and new items?
Ans: I have been waiting new updates but I think they are busy on some other hacks. Just keep calm and have patience, you will sure get more new items. But I am completely satisfied with dragonclaw hook only.

Can I use dota 2 items hack more than once?
Ans: Yes, I had used the hack 3 times in a row on a single day and it worked every time. But to be more safe, Just don’t use it more than once in a day or you can just use in another account.

Here is the screen shot of the new dota 2 items hack v2.0


There might still be some questions that were not asked. You guys might be wondering how all those items are generated and given to you. Don’t worry, I’ll clear everything about it. That application goes into the database of steam server. Then, it creates a completely new item for you then trade it into your account making it seem like you got that item yourself by buying or by trading. Not just that, they are updating the hack every time steam fixes this or updates with new feature. If you want to see new updates and update history then go here: So, what are you waiting for just download it and use it. You might have to verify to download the file because it must be hard to get something that is incredible. It won’t take much time to complete the verification process. If you have any queries or questions about the new dota 2 items hack then you can ask on their official website or go to our contact us page. We have our contact information in that page.

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