Dota 2 Low priority queue removal

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Dota 2 Low priority queue removal

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Backround of Dota 2 Low Priority

MOBAs or Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas have taken the gaming world by storm. These real-time strategy games offer a variety of unique features that guarantee gamers the fun-filled gaming experience they’re hoping for.

Dota 2, arguably the most famous of all the MOBAs, has all the features there is to offer: a large selection of characters, leveling, unique skill sets, item builds, talent system, etc. Not to mention, its predecessor, Dota, started the global trend of MOBA.

Of all the MOBAs, Dota 2 has the largest player base in the world. Additionally, more and more gamers discover and rediscover the game every day. However, many players encounter and complain about one problem: the Dota 2 low priority status.

This is where ProBoosting comes into play.

What is Dota 2 Low Priority?

Dota 2 low priority is a game feature that aims to guarantee that no one leaves mid-game by placing players who quit in a low priority queue the next time they try to search for a match to join. However, this feature doesn’t consider connectivity issues which are often the problem for many players.

How to Get Out of the Dota 2 Low Priority Queue?

Fortunately, once you’re placed in the low priority queue, it doesn’t mean you can’t get out of it. There are a few methods you can follow in order to go back to normal or ranked match queues. They’re as follows:

Winning Matches
The most obvious way to remove your Dota 2 low priority status is to win matches. If you have this status, you’ll be able to see how many matches you need to win to improve your status when you try to find a match. This presents yet another problem: you are more likely to wait longer to find a match due to your low priority status.

The problem with most players is that their chances of winning a low priority game are often lower. This makes it harder for them to get out of the low priority queue. If you’re one of those players, another option is to find a booster who will help you gain those much-needed wins. This may sound unreasonable, but it is actually a common practice. This is especially true for working professionals and people who just can’t find the time and attention required to deal with the low priority status.

ProBoosting is one of the most prominent companies for Dota 2 low priority boosting. For a fair price, getting out of the low priority status is guaranteed.

What is ProBoosting?

ProBoosting aims to provide you with all of your gaming needs. We provide boosting services in 15 different games, one of which is Dota2. We also offer a variety of services that can cater to your gaming needs, an example of which is the Dota 2 low priority boosting where we deliver 8-14 wins per day.

Why Avail of the Dota 2 Low Priority Boosting?

The Dota 2 low priority status affects your playtime itself, and it is out of the question that a gamer sacrifices his own playtime due to something like this. Within a day, ProBoosting can guarantee the minimum 3 wins needed to finally get out of that pesky Dota 2 low priority. All you need to provide is a Steam Account with a Dota 2 low priority profile and the fee.

Do you use cheats, bots, and other 3rd party programs?

No. We are pleased to affirm that ProBoosting DOES NOT USE any kind of third-party programs like cheats, hacks, and bots. Our Dota 2 Low Priority boosting is done by one of our boosters with sheer hard work and skills.

What are the other Dota 2 services you offer?

Apart from the low priority boosting, we also offer the following services:

Calibration Matches Boosting – with at least 70% win rate, we will ensure that you don’t end up at the bottom of the ladder.

Dota 2 MMR Boosting – we can use your account or play with you to boost your MMR up to your desired level.

Dota 2 Coaching – not satisfied with your current personal skill progress? Consult one of our finest coaches and improve your gameplay.

Why Choose ProBoosting?

ProBoosting prides itself with the quality of its services. That said, here are some reasons why you should choose ProBoosting:

Proboosting is a Boosting Authority
If it’s your first time availing of our Dota 2 low priority boosting service, it is understandable that you are having doubts about trusting us. Here at ProBoosting, we pledge to provide only the best service that our boosters can offer. If you’re still having doubts, you may check the reviews of our previous Dota 2 low priority boosting clients.

Quick Service that You Can Track
We at ProBoosting empathize with the hassles that the Dota 2 low priority brings. This is why we guarantee a swift response to your request and make sure to keep you up to date with the status of your Dota 2 low priority.

Professional Boosters
With years of experience in the boosting industry, our boosters are proud to state that they are some of the best boosters there are. This is evident in our review section where you can see statements and reviews of our Dota 2 low priority boosting return-customers.

Responsive Customer Support
We understand how anxious most of our new and old customers can be, which is why we made sure that we can accommodate all your questions and concerns regarding our Dota 2 low priority boosting service.

The MOBA gaming world may often seem inhabited by short-fused and hotheaded gamers, but still, the silent majority are gamers who are genuinely just trying to have fun. However, regardless if you’re a hotheaded or a fun-loving gamer, you do not want to go through the troubles of Dota 2 low priority.

Here at ProBoosting, we understand that getting into the low priority queue is annoying. If you find yourself in that situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call and avail of our services.

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