DotA2 – How do support heroes get gold?

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DotA2 – How do support heroes get gold?

I played DotA casually a long time ago with my friends. No one really supported and we just did our own thing to have fun.

Then I played League for a while and started to favour support roles in higher level play. In LoL, supports can get items that increase the ticks of gold they get every second. They are not supposed to touch cs. Usually by the end of the game I would have less than 20 cs but still keep up with gold.

In Dota2 I’m having a hard time letting the carry take farm and buying wards for the team; I’ve found it’s hard to even save up for boots early game. If I don’t have boots, I die easier, lose gold, and I end up feeling stuck in a cycle of uselessness.

Should I take some farm away from carries? Any tips from players who play support?

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