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Welcome once again to a new review of the game. Now it detallare and informs about the games that will be coming out. From already thank you comment not to insult but to know your opinion, your opinion is worth. These analyses are 100% made by my fadea9. Enjoy!
MOBA, the new genre of game that mixes strategy in real time with some attributes RPG, has begun to rise as gender main of several games.
Today two of the most exponents of the genre will be looking to discover which is best in all aspects: Dota 2 or League of Legends?

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Despite being play focused just to the use of online (or offline lan or against bots), each world has a background, with its respective argument structure.
LoL has two worlds, Demacia and Noxus. Some belong to a world and others to another. Each character has its own tab with its own history, the because of their powers and others. Dota 2 features the same systems that it has a full originality. For more than half of LoL characters are mere plagiarism or inspirations of the Dota 2, his physical appearance and playable is quite similar (and others this say that Dota 1 was the first, so, LoL clearly has influenced much of this) Check the new Dota 2 Hacks and download them for free.
Summary despite being online games, have both his background more broad and plot of what is expected.

EH here the central axis of this analysis. The other fields are merely secondary. What we expect of an online game is a good gameplay according to what you are looking for.
As we know the two belong to the genre MOBA. Dota 1, pioneer in this genre, has been reversionado to several games.
LoL is a MOBA, but clearly has its own style. The gameplay of this is more rapid and effective. Characterized by having more action than strategic planning. This poorly balanced characters each other, still more powerful one from another. The champions (game characters) are divided into AP (ability power) and AD (attack power. Purchased objects depending on the choice and the people to choose enemy.
Dota 2, on the other hand, is a game more strategic and hardcore. Everything depends on the planning of a good strategy, a good skill to use the character and a high coordination with the rest of the team for the victory.
That’s the big difference playable, although LoL has her dose of strategy the use of a powerful character without using a complicated strategy makes us win, on the other hand, Dota 2 is a game much more difficult and slow with a lot of attention in the strategy

Graphically and artistically are games that are running on different sides. LoL presents a graphics simple and ideal for PC’s with few resources. His artistic section this very well made, the different characters has a great appearance and their animations are fluid and very well finished.
Dota 2 has an engine much more advanced and powerful. Presents a modeling much more flamboyant, a number of spectacular graphic effects, a world more beautiful and characters more original, with an amazing finish.
In this field without hesitation Dota 2 is superior for their great performance and his colorful graphic/art section.

Dota 2 and LoL are games of the same genre that they provide different experiences playable for different players.
LoL is a game more fast, less strategic, graphically simpleton (with a good artistic section) and a fluid gameplay.
Dota 2 is a game more strategic and intelligent, not forgetting the graphically spectacular action (artistically at the same level) and with a gameplay more slow.

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