free cheat Apex Legends rage

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free cheat Apex Legends rage

Download free cheat Apex Legends rage for FREE

DETECTED – using this hack will result in a ban. Not recommended for use.

MarioHack - free cheat Apex Legends [rage]


  • Version: [09/03/2019]
  • Developer: MarioChinaHack
  • Game: Apex Legends

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A great free hack game Apex Legends. This time the menu in two languages is Chinese and English, which will allow many players to understand the functionality of this hack on their own without any translators. The author promises to update the cheat every three days. The probability of getting banned for using this hack is very high, so use it at your own risk using not the main Origin accounts.

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This free cheat on Apex Legends contains in its functionality a lot of functions that you can configure yourself using the hack menu, which is called on the HOME key. Cheat can please us with beautiful visual function ESP, Wallhack, and the hack is a great solution for an aggressive game using the Rage mode. You can safely play quietly using only the simplest functions in the likeness of Wallhack or turn on the Rage mode with the functions of Aimbot, automatic shooting, bullets without scatter and much more.

spoiler plus - Free Game Hacks HOW TO USE

First start the game, and then the hack itself.
The menu opens with the – HOME key

Only registered users can download cheats.

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