FREE COD Points and Credits for COD Mobile

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FREE COD Points and Credits for COD Mobile

Download FREE COD Points and Credits for COD Mobile for FREE

What is COD: Mobile?

COD: Mobile is a recently launched smartphone-based game created by Activision. It was first announced in March 2019 but was officially released in October.

Developed by Tencent Studio Timi, which is known as an expert in creating multiplayer games on console, online, and mobile platforms, COD: Mobile is a mobile spin off of the classic console game Call of Duty, with some difference. One of the main distinctions is that the available rewards on COD: Mobile in terms of credits are more than on the console game, and you can receive them through various options. COD points and credits are vital in the game as they allow you to purchase in-app items and weapons. By achieving higher ranks in the battle pass, you will be able to collect these points and credits.

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