Free Valorant Points : 6 Legit Ways To Earn Legally in 2020

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Free Valorant Points : 6 Legit Ways To Earn Legally in 2020

free valorant points

Riot Games is all set to mesmerize the market once again with its own first-person shooter space game, targeted as Valorant. It comes with a steady stream of the characters revealed, like raze and more, and it comes with the start of the closed beta.

With so many new characters about to introduce in this upcoming game, people are looking for more ways to work on free valorant points.

Most of the interested players are now tuning in to Twitch with hopes of just landing any beta access drop. So, the interest in how well the game gets to handle the micro-transactions will prove to be pretty high as well.

You must know how Valorant Points will work in this upcoming game.

Disclaimer : – Do not ever use any kind of hack tools or generators. We have listed only legal and safe to use ways explained below to earn points online.


How to Get Free Valorant Points : 6 Legit Ways You Can Use in 2020

Way Number 1: Join Some of the Survey Sites:

For your answer on how to get free valorant points, you can join some of the survey sites and earn some bucks, which will later be used for purchasing VP. Once you have enough money on your account, just redeem it through PayPal. One such genuine survey site to watch out for will be Surveyjunkie.

Here, you can earn some Valorant Points when you want. For that, just cover some simple tasks.

First of all, make sure to visit the official website and register for creating an account. If you already have one, just log in. When done, you will find some of the tasks to complete to earn money, like daily spins, offers, and even surveys.

Once completed, you will get points as a result. When you have successfully earned enough points, you can redeem for them the gaming gift cards. You can even redeem some other vouchers like Amazon, PayPal, iTunes gift codes, and more.

Now, visit LoL and then redeem those card codes for procuring free valorant points to your registered account. If you can cover more tasks, you will earn more Valorant points in the end.

Way Number 2: Watch Out for The Contests:

There are various small tournaments and contests about to take the place of the Valorant game, which are often organized by content creators and other influencers. They are looking for ways to introduce ways to get free valorant points to gamers.

The prize will be Riot Points. If you have the necessary skills as asked for, you can earn some free RP codes with ease, along with some other exciting prizes.

Facebook Groups and some of the Discord Servers will be your perfect spots to gain information on contests. You can even try to follow some other threads and community posts to stay updated about upcoming tournaments.

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Way number 3: Try Participating in The Possible Giveaways:

The market houses multiple online hacking tools that claim to help you get free valorant points. Well, these methods are illegal and won’t work as promised.

So, instead, you can try participating in giveaways. Many YouTubers, Streamers, Content Creators, and Gaming Influencers will be organizing giveaways for their views, and you can participate in those.

Yes, it takes some luck to win it, but eventually, you will, if you keep up with it. In no time, you will bag the most wanted Valorant Points free of cost!

To learn more about the giveaways, you have to follow people who are actually organizing the same on their respective social media handles like Twitch, YouTube, and more. Join some of their related servers and groups on Discord and Facebook and work on it accordingly.

Way Number 4: Working with PrizeRebel:

Another legitimate site where you get to earn VP got to be PrizeRebel. Here, you have to take hold of some simple surveys and then some offers. For that, make sure to follow some simple processes first.

You need to visit the official website first and then register for an account. Log in if you already have an existing one. Now, look in for available offers and surveys and then complete as many as you want.

You will end up earning points by doing so. When you are done earning enough points, you can redeem the same for the game’s gift card code. The process remains more or less similar to Surveyjunkie.

Way Number 5: Money Making App Usage:

You will come across so many money-making apps, which you can use for earning quick bucks to be spent later on Valorant games and their coins. All you have to do is complete the task you will be assigned to like downloading apps, surveys, lucky spins, and what not. There will not be any direct option for redeeming the points, but you can redeem PayPal cash and use it for purchasing VP later.

Way Number 6: Dealing with Xpango:

You can take a look at Xpango for Valorant Points in exchange for some Xpango points that you can earn for free of cost. For that, visit the site and register for an account. Explore the world of Xpango and collect as many points as possible. For earning more points, you might have to invite some friends over, play games and watch ads.

When you have enough points in hand, redeem those for the Valorant gift card code and more. You can also redeem other game-based prizes as available on the site. But, there are limited stocks for all, so be sure to know more about that as well.

Avoid the Free Valorant Points Generator: Its a Fake Scam

Searching the internet while looking for VP will help you come across a free valorant points generator. If you think these generators will work for you, then you have to think about it again. These generators are quite fake and won’t work.

Moreover, it is illegal to work with such generators, as if caught; your entire gaming account will get blocked. So, avoid being in such a mess and avoid using these generators, which claim to offer free Valorant points.

Always make sure to follow the legal ways, which will eventually help you get the Valorant points with ease.

This guide will pave you the right ways to follow.

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