hack – League of Legends Downloads

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hack – League of Legends Downloads

Download hack – League of Legends Downloads for FREE

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gQGeUnT - Free Game Hacks8zPfQyb - Free Game Hacks

Want to try before you buy? An Easy to use Grinder for Summoners Rift?
Summoner Sidekick Free will let you do just that!

Plays Summoners Rift Co-oP vs AI – Easy
Uses Ashe or plays random champ if Ashe is taken to prevent Queue Dodge
Attacks Champions and CS
Will Rejoin 3 Games
Attacks all turrets
Will not go AFKBug Notice: Put HUD at 100.
Like this bot? Consider leaving a post with feedback or rating the thread!

Q: Does it Buy Items?
A: No. If you want to buy Items you can press CTRL+Shift to pause and unpause the bot.

Q: What happens after 3 games?
A: It will sit out of game. To reset this counter simply restart the bot.

Q: Do you have to pay to use this bot?
A: No! This bot is 100% Free!

Q: I get the error message: User Doesn’t Exist.
A: Make sure you register at SS-Bot.com and use that user information.

Q: I get the error message: Usergroup can not access bot.
A: Make sure you register the e-mail to the SS-Bot.com Account.

Q: I need help setting up the bot!
A: You may find the setup guide here.

Last update 11/5/2014


Virus Scan: Click Here

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- Free Game Hacks

Appear Offline

A very simple tool that will make you appear offline while you be able to play games normally. This Should be very useful to boosters who can appear offline while boosting.

!WARNING!When you press the the “Appear Offline” button you will be disconnected from the internet for a couple of seconds!

WmTwOCT - Free Game Hacks

Feez – Creator Of This Tool

Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/b…aeb8/analysis/

How To Use This Program:
Run The Program Administrator
When it display “Status Offline”
Open LOL and Login.

Note make sure your lol path is correct


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LeagueSharp is a new LoL tool similar to BoL, it offers an API in .Net (C#)

This version is working even if LeagueSharp got disabled on 30.01.2015! Use with caution, LeaugeSharp got hit by ban wave.

Core Features
– Extended Zooming
– Reveals everyones ping in the loading screen
– Decent .NET Api
– Nearly no FPS-Changes
– Lightweight
– No Invite or Account needed!

Some Assembly Explenations:
There are much more then actually listed
Here is a complete list with them and their function

  • AutoPotion
    AutoPotion will automatically consume potions (health/mana) if your champion drops down a specific percentage.
  • CloneRevealer
    CloneRevearler helps you to indentify champions who can create clones. It draws a circle around these champions.
  • Evade (Really Awesome! biggrin - Free Game Hacks)
    Evade allows you to dodge and shields skillshots.
  • HiddenObjects
    Shows where are wards and how long till they dissapear
  • JungleTimers
    JungleTimers will draw all the timers from jungle camps, which you had vision on when they got cleared, on the minimap.
  • LastHitMarker
    LasthitMarker draws circles around minions which can be killed with one autoattack.
  • MapHack
    MapHack draws the last position from invisible enemys on the minimap.
  • Marksman Plugin
    • Caitlyn
    • Corki
    • Ezreal
    • Graves
    • Jinx
    • KogMaw
    • Lucian
    • Sivir
    • Teemo
    • Tristana
    • Twitch
    • Vayne
  • PacketLogger
  • PerfectWard
  • QuickSmite
    QuickSmite automatically smites big jungle camps (Baron, Dragon, Blue, Red) when they can get killed.
  • SupportChampion Plugin
  • Thresh

  • ToasterLoading
    ToasterLoading prolongs the loading screen by ~4 minutes.(Stop with Spacebar)
  • WaypointTracker
    WaypointTracker draws the current path from all champions.
  • YasuoChampion Script
    YasuoChampion Script

LeagueSharp.Loader – Download



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This is the update ( of the Accouunt Checker.

ahri by mufuuutabo123 d7bk26d - Free Game Hacks

For the moment have a bug and crash with some account but i try fix it on next version.

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In all Riot Path the system go fail cause the number of version.
You can change and compile the source

The format of the file is username:pass

If you are logged in the account the program loggout you

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Welcome Summonors,

here I’m presenting to you the leading Jungle Timer for League of Legends. We nearly have reached 1 Million downloads. Thanks for all your support guys!

Visit the official homepage for the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe (LJTD)

This Jungle Timer offers many cool features. I hope you guys will have as much fun with it as I have and don’t forget to give me feedback. =) You can always request any feature you would like to have on our forum.

But yeye let’s come to the tool itself!

Cover lee - Free Game Hacks

Recommended plattform: Windows 7
Recommended resolution: 1680 x 1050
Recommended mode: windowed mode, borderless (HAS NOT ALL FUNCTIONS IN FULLSCREEN MODE!)

This software is completely free and the Open Source code is available for anyone who is interested.

Showing the basic features and giving you an idea how it looks in-game.


Advanced MiniMap Read more…
The Advanced MiniMap is an upgrade for the MiniMap of League of Legends. Using will will improve jungle behaviour like the pros have.

Buff Timing Read more…
To time your buffs is essential and you have plenty of configuration to make it look and feel you want.

Configuration Read more…
The Configuration of the LJTD is pretty easy. Just use the Config GUI for reducing issues while configuring your timer.

Customization Read more…
LJTD is customizable in many different ways. Find out which settings fit to your gaming style.

Initial Timer Read more…
The Initial Timer is your adapted in game time for the LJTD. Initial Timer is recommened to be used with the AutoStart function.

Label System Read more…
The Labels offer the best in game presentation for the remaining buff durations and can also be configured in many ways.

Slide Read more…
Sliding your LJTD is the best way to redruce useless space of the LJTD in game. You can use it in two ways.

Write2Chat Read more…
Write2Chat is awesome. Don’t waste any time anymore in game with writing the respawn time. LJTD is doing this for you!

Many friends are using this tool at the moment and I never heard about any bad issues. Just try out and have fun. You always find the prelast version on Github. If you are worried about your anti-virus tool when an announcement is upcoming, just ignore it. Well you guys must know the tool is using global hotkeys. The only way for the tool to get the hotkeys when LoL is focused. I promise to not send anything to anywhere on any planet. =)

LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe is approved by Riot Staff: “LJTD is using legal ways to improve you Jungle skills.

So what else to say? Ready to Jungle!

Many Thanks to these epic guys who helped me and gave me so much feedback. u:
– sicLotus
– mateful
– ignition

Further links and Social Networks:
LJTD on YouTube
LJTD on Facebook
LJTD on Twitter
Developer Homepage
LJTD Homepage

Virus Scan: Click Here

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