How To Complete The Story Of GTA 5

The Story Of GTA 5 - Free Game Hacks

How To Complete The Story Of GTA 5

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The Story Of GTA 5

The Story Of GTA 5

Today GTA 5 Cheats we are going to reveal the story. In GTA 5, there are a lot of mysteries and secrets that we can discover its existence. Start of UFOs, Big Foot, and many other mysteries GTA 5. Well, you should know, there are some mysteries GTA 5 could only be found if your story has reached 100%. Perhaps you will ask, what is the Story? Is the story mission? Whether by completing Story Mission, meaning that the game story you’ve reached 100%?

Before I explain further, there are some rewards that would be obtained if you have completed your story GTA 5 to 100%, namely:

  • An award trophy ‘Career Criminal’
  • The opening of the UFO mystery, where you can see the UFO at Mount Chilliad (Mount. Chilliad). Complete information click on How to Find UFO In GTA 5.
  • The opening of the last mission, The Last One.
  • A T-shirt that reads 100% to Franklin.

So, if completing the story missions is not enough to complete the game 100%, then what is the point of this game story?

Story game in question is a story game 100% checklist which is a measure of how many things you already do in GTA 5. So, the story is not only a 100% mission story, but also included on how active you are doing activities in GTA 5, as follow car racing, motor racing, and so on. As seen in the picture below.

How To Complete The Story Of GTA 5

How To Complete The Story Of GTA 5

If you intend to finish your game to 100% complete, follow these steps.

  1. Complete all Story Mission in GTA 5.
  2. Complete 6 Off-Road Races.
  3. Complete 5 Street Races.
  4. Complete 4-Sea Races.
  5. Earn predicate (minimum) Bronze in three rounds for each type of weapon that is in Ammu-Nations.
  6. Earn predicate (minimum) in 12 lessons Bronze Flight School (Flight School).
  7. Complete all missions and parachuting Heli Base parachute jumps.
  8. Get services ‘Lap Dance’ from the dancer on the Strip Club.
  9. Complete at least 14 Random Events (random mission). If the radar is blinking and there is a blue dot on the radar map, go there and finish.
  10. Collection of all the spaceship parts totaling 50 pieces.
  11. Collection of all leter scraps which also amounted to 50 pieces.
  12. Complete at least 25 times ‘Under the Bridges’.
  13. Complete at least 8 Knife Flights.
  14. Complete at least 25 Stunt Jumps.
  15. Buy at least 5 properties / stores that make money.
  16. Buy Vehicle in Internet
  17. Watching at Cinema Cinema.
  18. Hiring the services of prostitutes.
  19. Rob the store.
  20. Complete 4 activities ‘friends hang out’. That went drinking at the bar, a visit to a strip club, watching movies, and last played darts.
  21. Playing golf, darts, tennis at least once.
  22. Lastly, won 3 races Triathlone.

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