How to Get an Extra FREE Overwatch League Skin

How to Get an Overwatch League Skin for Free - Free Game Hacks

How to Get an Extra FREE Overwatch League Skin

As you most likely know, the Overwatch League has started since yesterday, and so far we’ve seen 3 amazing matches, with the best one up until now being between Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty.

With the start of this competition, Blizzard has also implemented the Overwatch League team skins for all players, and you can purchase them at $4.99 each (for 100 credits, which is the price of 1 skin), or via Balance.

You’ve probably noticed that they’ve already offered every player 100 credits in order to purchase their very first free Overwatch League skin, however, there’s another catch that can get you yet another free OWL skin!

In order to get your second free Overwatch League skin, all you need to do is go to the OWL official website and sign up to their mailing list, before January 31, 2018. Make sure to use the mail that’s also attached to your account, and in about 3 business days, you’ll receive yet another 100 credits to purchase another Overwatch League skin!

Once you’ve received your free 100 credits, you can go on and get your favorite skin, and support your favorite Overwatch League team!

Also, don’t forget that Blizzard has added every OWL team spray and player icon for free as well, and you can use them by just browsing your Overwatch Hero Gallery or Career Profile!

We’re here to give you the best help in order to recover your Overwatch account!

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