How To Get Free Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

How To Get Legend Tokens in Apex Legends - Free Game Hacks

How To Get Free Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

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Are you looking for get free legends tokens in Apex Legends, we will show you the best way to get legend tokens in Apex Legends.

The Apex Legends is the new Battle Royale and the most famous videogame form at today. We just have to look at the impressive figures that handle the platforms that house the video games.

Fortnite is the boss of all the Battle Royale in the world. It far exceeds PUBG and the rest of its competitors. But recently a creation of Respawn Entertainment in the company of Electronic Arts has shaken the Status Quo of video games across the globe

It is a game that was released to the market on February 4, and whose performance during its first hours showed that it is capable of taking over the market. But from Apex Legends there is still much to be said.

One of these types are the Legend Tokens , a completely free coin that will allow us to obtain different aesthetic objects in the store and unlock Caustic and Mirage , the 2 characters that we can not access during our first games.

Get Free Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

The only way to get the Legend Tokens, at least for now, is to raise our player level , getting them together with an Apex Pack each time we reach a new level, getting 600 chips after each raise .

In addition, after reaching the maximum level of Apex Legends we can continue obtaining these coins adding experience after each game .

how to get legend tokens in apex legendshow to get legend tokens in apex legends

As with Metals of Manufacture , it is possible that with the Battle Pass we can also get Legend Tokens, although for the moment this is not official information and we will update the guide as soon as we have more details.

Shopping at Apex Legends

There are doubts in this aspect. Many people doubt if this game is really free. The answer is that it is, but also allows a series of purchases for those who want to customize their legends.

Is it a pay to win?

No way. The policy of the creators of the game is that any purchase you can make within the ecosystem of Apex Legends can be really determining for the victory within the game. Purchases are specific to change the appearance of the legends.

how to get legend tokens fasthow to get legend tokens fast

The virtual currencies

In the game there are two types of coins with which you can market. First there are the Apex coins, which are the most exclusive in the game. They are purchased with real money in packages ranging from 1000 coins for € 9.99 to € 10,000 for € 99.99.

On the other hand there are the legends, coins that are much easier to acquire. They are obtained every time the level of our legend goes up. With enough XP earned in the games you can earn many chips with which to acquire new legends or other customization options.

The battle shop

This is the place where, if you like, you spend all your money. Both Apex coins and legend cards are valid for the acquisition of all kinds of implements.

how to get legend tokens after level 100how to get legend tokens after level 100

While these will not give you any competitive advantage, it’s worth customizing our legend. For a few euros you can have a character from among the legends that looks like you.


Finally, tell you that to get to Caustic and Mirage we need to spend 12,000 Legend Tokens, that is to say upload 20 levels to be able to access each of these two Legends.

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