How to get in-game money on almost any Minecraft Server

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How to get in-game money on almost any Minecraft Server

Greetings children.
You’re probably here because you’re poor and homeless, with no food or water, and, well you get the picture.
I’ll be teaching you how to get RICH on almost ANY Minecraft server!
But by ALMOST any I actually mean ALMOST any, as in, the majority.

So, these are the steps..

1) Find a server that you can do /sell on, and has a finished shop
2) With /sell you’ll be able to do /worth, and if not, search on Google “Essentials Item Worth List”
3) If you start with $0/£0, you may be able to sell your starter kit, and to do that, just type /sell all
If you have $0/£0 and no starter kit, just go out and collect a load of dirt, and sell it all, getting about £200 (£1 each)
4) Go to the shop, and find an item to work with. Normally Obsidian, TNT or Gold Apples work the best.
5) Type /worth obsidian (or whatever you’re working with) and it’ll say £130 each if the server hasn’t customised the worth.yml file, which most haven’t.
6) So obsidian is £130 each. The server might sell it for £100 each. You starting to see a picture?
7) Buy x1 obsidian, if that’s all you can afford, and type /sell obsidian
8) Keep repeating this, buying more obsidian each time, and selling it.
9) You’re probably a multi-millionaire with full diamond kit, but you have to make of 1 thing…

If the owner/co-owner has seen you do this, the exploit will be taken away and your balance will be reset!

If this works PLEASE drop a Diamond and Subscribe to me for MORE BLOGS on Minecraft Exploits, Cheats, Hacks, and more! (:

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