How to get Minecraft Earth Free rubies : Hack

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How to get Minecraft Earth Free rubies : Hack

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Minecraft Earth Hack

Minecraft Earth Hack 2020 :  What You Need to Know?

With the success of various augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite, it stands to reason that Microsoft a software giant wishes a portion of that accomplishment. After all is it the owner of Minecraft – one of the largest brands in the gaming industry.

Minecraft Earth Hack

Minecraft Earth Hack

Microsoft has held up its time, but they are now all set to take advantage of the fame of augmented reality for its newest block-building mobile release known as the Minecraft.

However, the question is, what exactly Minecraft is? And is there any hack available for this game? Would you like to know the answer? If yes, then read on to find out more about Minecraft Earth.

About Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is an adventure and block-building game developed by Microsoft. Actually, it is very much like the existing Minecraft for mobile devices, PC, and consoles.

The difference of this game is that it is specially tailored for iOS and Android. What’s more, it utilizes AR in order to overlap Minecraft makings in the real world.

With your smartphone, you will be able to make creations anywhere you want. Meaning you can place them on top of or around your home, streets, and parks. Then other users of Minecraft Earth may hold up their smartphones and see them.

One of the best things about this game is that it is not a solo experience. Actually, you can work together on builds with your fellow crafters or friend with each one you using a phone or tablet to build and at the same time see the ongoing projects.

In addition to that, there’ll be a collection of elements and adventure with the capability to battle mobs either placed by other players or the game.

What Are the Features of Minecraft Earth hack tool ?

  1. Unique Adventures

Since it is a Minecraft, you may go on different adventures like battling skeletons and exploring caves. Such adventures are marked on your map using beacons and once you’re within a range of one, tap it to enter.

However, going on adventures might require you to chop or dig to battle aggressive mobs. That is why you need to load a pickaxe and weapons to your Hotbar.

If you complete the adventure successfully, then you will be rewarded. Also, if you complete it with a friend everything you obtain will be shared. Keep in mind that adventures are timed, thus do not mess around in moderation.

  1. Skins

Aside from adventures, Minecraft Earth also comes with default Alex and Steve skins. However, you have the chance to change the skin by simply tapping your profile icon which is located in the upper-left corner.

From here, press the Character tap, after that tap the Edit. You can now either tap the Classic Skin tab at the lower-right corner to choose a skin that is ready-made or press the Character Creator tab in the center to create a custom skin.

If you want to get personalized skins, you can utilize Minecoins to buy.

  1. Free to play

Yes, you read it right, this augmented reality game can be played for free with an in-app purchase. Also, there will be no loot boxes.

  1. Runs the Bedrock engine

Though there is a number of differences, still, Minecraft Earth runs a similar bedrock engine that is utilized in Minecraft. In the actual fact, it is an important point and take note, one of the creators took care to maintain.

Minecraft Earth does possess a number of unique mobs and blocks, however, they are variances rather than all-new mechanics.

  1. Buildplates

With Minecraft Earth, there are two choices available for a build. You can place it as a buildplate in order to get close up to modify how it looks or put it on the ground to view what exactly it will look like in the real world.

Each time you close this mode, the template will be saved to reflect your changes. There is also a settings menu where you can switch off the traditional music of Minecraft and another option to switch on or off the precise mode.

When turned on, the precise mode will let you turn your avatar using your fingers. But when this mode is off, you need to turn around physically to see all the things in the catchment area. 

Minecraft Earth Hack – How to Get Unlimited Rubies for Free

How to Get minecraft earth Rubies for Free

How to Get minecraft earth Rubies for Free

Rubies are essential resources in Minecraft Earth. As a matter of fact, they’re the currencies in this game.

Rubies, on the other hand, can be utilized to purchase stuff from the in-game store. You can use it to speed up both smelting and crafting tasks and buy new build plates. Though build plates can be earned through increasing your level, keep in mind that it’s a time-consuming process and you will only be rewarded with a maximum of four plates at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20.

Sometimes, tappable have rubies. However, unlike other items and blocks, they’re not certainly found in the tappable but they are given after opening them randomly.

Nevertheless, if you want to earn unlimited rubies for free then you will want to use the Minecraft Earth hack.

This hack is safe to use. In fact, it comes with a VPN that is powered with anti-ban script. What’s more, it is completely undetectable regardless of how many rubies you will get.

The Minecraft Earth hack supports both Android and iOS devices and no root or jailbreak required. The hack also comes with a cohesive update tool that will assure full compatibility with the game’s future versions.


Minecraft Earth is a new augmented reality game for mobile devices. The game allows you to bring Minecraft to the real world. With Minecraft Earth, you will be able to experience exciting adventures as well as build something amazing together with friends and step to your creations that are life-sized. The good thing about it is that it is available on Android 8+ and iOS 10+ devices. Also, there is a hack that you can use to get unlimited Rubies for free. 

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