How to Improve Your Aim and Get Easy Kills in Rainbow Six Siege

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How to Improve Your Aim and Get Easy Kills in Rainbow Six Siege

How to get easy kills by sharpening your aim, peeking and utilizing your map knowledge

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Today we will discuss various techniques that new or experienced players can utilize to improve their aim at Rainbow Six Siege and get easy kills. You try to do that by crashing the in-game chat or use glitches. This is a real guide, among many others, that shows you how to get better at Rainbow Six Siege. It is used by many successful players and professionals, who have made it to top ranks!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has become the most popular tactical shooter of 2019. After getting a rough start, the Ubisoft Montreal team has done an absolutely amazing job in bringing out the best of this fundamentally unique first person shooter game. This is not a game where you could rush at the enemy with your guns blazing and expect to get easy kills. In contrary, Rainbow Six Siege is fundamentally designed to incentivize a more stealthy, tactical approach. Many of the new players, who begin playing the game, come from various backgrounds, such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Apex Legends etc. Not being accustomed to Siege’s game style, newbies fail to recognize that this game is the total opposite.

Players must be patient in pushing the objectives when attacking, and they must exercise the same tactic when defending, reinforcing the objective in a way that puts the attackers at a disadvantage. We will cover fundamental ideas behind performing a successful attack or defending an objective, which will allow new players quickly get much better at the game.

Start From the Terrorist Hunt

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One of the most overlooked areas is the Terrorist Hunt (also called the “T Hunt”). It allows new and old players alike to learn new skills and sharpen their existing skills. Let me elaborate on this aspect. Terrorist hunt is a game mode, where you play against an AI controlled enemy on random maps. As an attacker, you must infiltrate the objective, eliminating AI controlled terrorist bots, and you must capture and escort the hostage into the safe zone. As a defender, you must protect the hostage from constant waves of aforementioned terrorists.

New players can get a significant value from playing this mode, as it allows them to do two things:

  • Learn map layouts: Learning the map is one of the most important aspects of the game, as it is directly related to your success when playing a casual or a ranked match. You could learn more about the maps on this page as well. Map knowledge will allow you to strategically prepare the objective for an imminent attack, if you are defending. It will also help you use the map to gain a tactical advantage over your enemy via hiding spots, intelligent shield, barbed wire and gadget placements. Advanced players utilize the map destructibility to make very elaborate vantage points. We consistently cover such spots on each map on this web site. Just take a look at this example below that shows you great bulletproof camera placements on each ranked map. We will cover map knowledge in significant detail, in a separate article. As for specific operators, you could find more information in the operator recommendation tool. The R6 Academy has a lot of great resources on tips and tricks, but it is not as frequently updated as our site.

Bulletproof camera placement for every ranked map (Part 3) by Hologram Sam

  • Learn how to aim: We’ve mentioned earlier that the stealthy approach is very important in Siege, however that doesn’t mean that you will not find yourself shooting at other players. After all, this is the main point behind first person shooters. Secondary to your map knowledge, you must learn how to shoot by properly placing your crosshair when confronted by another player. What experienced players recommend doing is to always aim at head level. Rainbow Six Siege is built upon the one-shot kills when you get a headshot. Having your cursor being pointed at head level, when you are peeking corners or simply aiming at enemies, you will give buy yourself precious milliseconds when firing at the enemy, which could be the difference between winning or losing the round. Below if an awesome guide by Projokerzz, who explains how to perfect your aim in Rainbow Six Siege.

How to get good at aiming (Par 1) by Projokerzz

How to warm up in Terrorist Hunt

If you ever watch streams of popular Siege pro players or influencers, such as Pengu, KingGeorge, TheGoodlynoob etc., you will find them jump into Terrorist hunt and perform, what they call a “Warm up” prior to playing Ranked games.

Warm up is a way for old and new players alike, to sharpen their reaction firing at an enemy. T-hunt warmup is a very simple but very powerful thing to do before playing against humans. If performed regularly, it allows you to not only sharpen your aiming skills, but also heightens your motor skills, improving your eye-brain-hand coordination. Having played over 1000 hours of Siege, I could attest to that and say that the difference in your gameplay if dramatic, if you do it and do it properly. Here are 5 easy steps you must follow to get better aim at Siege.

  1. Go to the Terrorist Hunt game mode.
  2. Make sure you are an attacker. If you get placed in defense, exit restart the Terrorist Hunt mode until you are placed into the game as an atacker
  3. Pick your favorite attacking operator with your preferred primary gun attachment. I would recommend against using an ACOG on the primary gun, as it makes it too easy to get headshots from medium-far distances. A reflex or a red dot are good options, as they allow you to see more of the surroundings, and they also allow you to get better reflexes the hard way. Then playing with an ACOG will be much easier, trust me.
  4. When placed into the game, sprint as fast as you can inside the building and try to get as many headshots as you can. The point of this exercise if not to win and kill all of the bots. The point is to try to land as many headshots as possible before dying. Be prepared to die a lot initially, but remember that this is one of the best ways to, as they say, “sharpen your saw”. By that, I mean sharpening your skill of smoothly peeking corners and aiming at head level.

The onlly other aim guide you’ll ever need – How to improve your aim at Rainbow Six Siege by SiegeLad

Having done these steps a lot and regularly, you will see a tremendous benefit when playing against human opponents. Many people always ponder”, How do Pengu or Beaulo have such good aim?”. That’s because they have done their due diligence of properly practicing every single day in T hunt, via special mouse training utilities (which we will cover in a separate article) and, of course by putting in a tremendous amount of hours playing casual and ranked games. It is very simple – the more you practice, the better you will get.

Alternative Ways to Improve your Aim

  • Rainbow Six Siege House Perfect your Aim - Free Game Hacks

The aforementioned mouse aiming utility method requires you to purchase a separate utility, which costs money. I can argue that, despite it’s pretty high price tag of $14.99 (when not on sale), it is one of the best ways to get better at your mouse coordination. But what if you don’t want to spend money to buy 3rd party utilities, the validity of which is questionable to you? I totally understand you and would like to offer you a great alternative. Though one may not draw parallels between the effectiveness of these methods, you shoudl absolutely try this method out. It is FREE and effective!

Besides the Terrorist Hunt, there is a great way to practice your aim right in Rainbow Six Siege game. In order to do that, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Create a custom game on House.
  2. Pick your favorite operator, or any operator for that matter.
  3. Go down to the garage gate and punch zigzag-shaped holes. You could do so by meleeing the garage wall as shown in the picture above
  4. Step away and shoot the holes, by aiming down sights from left to right.

I encourage you to start slowly and gradually force yourself to aim at the next hole in a lesser amount of time. As you perform this exercise, you will see how your aiming skills are getting better and better. To get a better idea, be sure to see how Thaquil does it in the video below.

How to Configure Your Mouse Sensitivity Settings in Rainbow Six Siege?

Everything we have covered prior to this point applied to PC, as well as console players. This specific technique will help Rainbow Six Siege PC players properly configure their mouse sensitivity settings, in order to have consistent aim and operator navigation around the map. Here’s a forum post exploring the mouse sensitivity, and here is a resource that enlists mouse sensitivities of all pro players and influencers.

The technique is very simple. There are literally a few things you should know to configure your mouse sensitivity on PC.

  1. Measure the distance your mouse travels when you perform a 360 rotation with your character in a custom game
  2. Use a converter to convert the values
  3. Apply the vertical, horizontal and ADS values
  4. Fine-tune (calibrate) the sensitivity so you are 100% consistent

The video below shows you how to properly calibrate your mouse sensitivity in Rainbow Six Siege. In this video, Projokerzz shows how to transfer the Aim Down Sights you like to a different Horizointal and Vertical Sensitivity that you want.

As a new or an experienced player, it is important to now the map well, aim at head level and to be consistent controlling your operator using a controller or a mouse. These skills are sharpened by proper configuration of your gear and practice. Your controller or the mouse sensitivity settings must be properly configured to reflect your comfort level. Your aim must be practiced consistently and constantly using Terrorist Hunt and regular gameplay.

We have covered the fundamentals of getting better at aiming to get easy kills in Rainbow Six Siege. This guide should be helpful to experienced players who would like to rank higher, and to beginners who would like to learn how to properly play Rainbow Six Siege. Having these skills is one of the most fundamental qualities should posses, if you would like to make big strides towards learning this amazing game.

You could find background information about the game on its Wiki page. Our creators work very hard to produce useful learning guides for our readers. Please be sure to support them and feel free to ask questions in the comments. We will be happy to answer your inquiries.

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