Is It Safe To Use Aimbot In Overwatch?

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Is It Safe To Use Aimbot In Overwatch?

overwatch aimbot

overwatch aimbot

overwatch aimbot

Overwatch is a very difficult game that requires great aim to play for the majority of characters. The game is very fast-paced and there is a fight happening every other second in different positions with everyone moving all the time, which is why it’s so difficult to land hits. It takes a few long weeks before you can get good at a character, let alone completely master them. But the earned when you finally start getting those triple, quadruple kills is what makes the game more fun to play.

The opposing characters are not the only things you will have to shoot in-game as the game has things like shields and turrets that you need to pay special attention to and try to destroy as well.

Because of this all of your attention should be divided which results in even more difficult to play the game as one of the opposition turrets is almost as big a threat to you as the opponent themselves. Most people, however, enjoy this difficulty and say it makes the game more fun and entertaining to play.

The most difficult characters to play by far are the snipers who require amazing concentration and steady hands to play as. Snipers have to deal with killing the healers and destroying turrets while also watching over the objective which makes them a key part of any team. You need to have the best aim to play a sniper to their full potential as you just can’t be a good sniper without getting headshots most of the time.

Some people however look for the easy way to win. Many people hack the game and install aimbots to make aiming much easier. This allows for easier wins but takes a lot of the fun out of the game. Some snipers in the higher-level use aimbot to land kills and win games to progress to the top 500. Aimbot is very easy to download and install especially on PC but you need to pay to use the good aimbots.

Aimbots are, however, quite cheap and are a good way of messing with your friends in a private game. Aimbots for any game obviously make the game much easier than it is but they could lead to something sinister. Most games can track the use of aimbots and grant you with a punishment.

In most cases, the use of aimbots in online games lead to a permanent ban. After you are given a permanent ban you can never play Overwatch using the account you were banned from and you will lose all SR, skins, stats, and any other progress you have made so far.

In the worst-case scenarios, however, you could actually face a lawsuit for most games that you could use an aimbot in because of the terms and conditions that you agreed with, meaning that you could most likely get sued for cheating in any way. In South Korea, one man was actually sentenced to a year of prison for using hacks in Overwatch because of the new laws in South Korea regarding hacking.

But regardless of all the reports, online Blizzard is still very bad at finding hackers in their games. Aimbot users are not uncommon in Overwatch especially in the gold or platinum levels of competition. Reporting players for hacking also doesn’t work most of the time and we can only hope that Blizzard works better to resolve this issue in the future.

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