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Real-time Using SkinPreview in Garena lol hiddenimage - Free Game Hacks // Riot lol (NA/EU/RU/JP/KR/OCE/PBE): hiddenimage - Free Game Hacks

[COLOR=”Red”]/——————————- Change logs ——————————-
VERSION [05/23/2017]
– Balancing Fixed
VERSION [05/22/2017]
– Fatal errors fixed
VERSION [05/10/2017]
– Most of lost Riot Skins are back now
– Champions’ skins are back as well
– Re-update customized skins
ex: God Fist Lee Sin, Project Ashe …

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Originally Posted byKingLoyalView Post For those people whose game won’t start, here’s what occurs the problem and how to fix it.
When you click the “Launch” button, another client popups (login one).
The Launch one sometimes doesn’t fully close (the process) so you have to pretty much terminate it with Task Manager (be careful not to terminate the second login client cuz you’ll have to re-open League).
You try to use the Skin Preview tool > it injects (lets call it like that) on the first (Launch) client and your game pretty much won’t start.

1) Close the Launch client before opening the tool.
2) Make sure you don’t click “Launch” as fast as possible because that will make it cache as a process.
3)MAKE SURE YOUR LoL CLIENT IS COMPLETELY CLOSED > Delete everything inside the your RADS downloads folder (Default Path is, C:Riot GamesLeague of LegendsRADSdownloads) AND

Delete everything inside your RADS solutions folder ( Default Path is, C:Riot GamesLeague of LegendsRADSsolutions)

Open LoL > let it patch > open Skin Preview > lock the desired skin > enjoy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to use: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1. Run your client
2. Run skin tool ( Skin Lol.exe )
3. Choose your champion then champion’s listed skin -> click “Change Skin”
4. Go gaming with DEFAULT champion card and enjoy, your desired skin would be loaded when starting
/——————————- END LOGs ——————————-

Download link from attachments

– Pure skin tool with NO hack functions comply with RIOT’s policy // No harms to other players, just bring the power of spirit
– Customize your champion with many skins from ours, leaguecraft, lolking
– No installation needed ( 1 time run to use )
– Find lol path and compatible with any lol version automatically
– No modifications on ORIGINAL client files ( all are set to default when closing tool )
– Easy to use with just some clicks
– Clean and relevant User Interface


Regions Supported :
Brazil (BR) // Europe Nordic & East (EUNE) // Europe West(EUW) // Latin America North(LAN)
Latin America South(LAS) // North America(NA) // Oceania(OCE) // Russia(RU) // Turkey(TR)
Korea(KR) // Public Beta Environment(PBE) // JP (Japan)

User interface
hiddenimage - Free Game Hacks


[B]Virus total report : hiddenlink - Free Game Hacks
SHA256: 93733cd62822a1448ae61787c9aec8e7951bb410c21b43b3f9 2f9f97ba3f9963
File name: SkinPreview_2.4.0.0_US_BETA_updated-29-1-2016.zip .zip
Detection ratio: 0 / 54

P/s: we need your precious feedbacks to make this skin tool better in the future !

Thanks admin, mods and everyone

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