linux_gaming – League of Legends FPS drop issue

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linux_gaming – League of Legends FPS drop issue

Hello! Hope to find you well. Yes, I know League project is probably to be abandoned due to anti cheat etc. Until then I’m still playing it and hoping in the future someone will find a fix for that. My problem at the moment is FPS drop. I’ve managed to install really easy League of Legends on Manjaro (latest build) with snap, following this guide:

So far so good, it works, games, chat, etc. But my issue is with FPS. Since my monitor is 60hz I’ve enabled vsync to cap at 60FPS but still, even with everything at LOW, in teamfights or random moments my FPS drop to 11/12, making it unbearable. I have a decent hardware:

  • i7 7700HQ

  • Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB

  • 16GB RAM

I’ve tried reinstallation, graphic drivers updates, nothing worked so far. Anybody has any ideas? Most tutorial online didn’t work. Please don’t suggest to uninstall or to drop the game, I love it 😛

Thank you in advance.

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