Minecraft PE Diamond Cheat


Minecraft PE Diamond Cheat

Step 1: Open Minecraft PE

Open Minecraft PE

Open Minecraft PE.

Step 2: Create New “Creative” World

Create New

Create a “Creative” World . Type any name you want , and create your own seed . (You need to create your own seed to use it again to Survival World)

Step 3: Loading …

Loading ...

Loading … (Do not close the app while loading)

Step 4: Add Blocks

Add BlocksAdd Blocks

Add Blocks like diamonds , golds , irons , and anything you need . But the important blocks is Wood , Stone and Iron to create pickaxe to get Diamonds. Add crafting table to other side to use it in survival world .

Step 5: Quit


Quit world . Now your progress is saved . Now , create a survival world with a seed that you used in creative .

Step 6: Loading ..

Loading ..

Step 7: Survival Saved .

Survival Saved .

Now you have survival world .

Step 8: Homescreen , Copy+Paste+Delete=Cheat

Go to File manager . Minecraft Files is located at sdcard0/games/com.mojang/minecraftworlds

Click The folder of creative world . copy the file “chunks.dat”
then , go to the folder of survival world . delete the chunks of survival . and paste the chunks to survival folder .

Step 9: Play

Now play it , and now you have the blocks from creative world .

Step 10:

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