PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Aimbot

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Aimbot

hey guys level cap here today we’re going to be doing a beginner’s guide for player unknowns battlegrounds these tips and tricks here should maximize your chances of winning this battle royale style shooter it’s. A very difficult game to play even the best players in the world, aren’t going to win every time if you’re playing solo you have to be the best of a hundred different players that join. The game you’re playing with duos you have to be the best of 50 teams and if you’re playing with four man squads you have to be the best, of 25 different teams, the odds are always stacked against you and the best we can really do is try and maximize your chances of getting to that end game the very first tips I have for you.

Guys are things you can do before even getting into a game first thing on the list.

Is going into your graphic settings and taking, your foliage setting and setting that too low unfortunately this isn’t going to make the game look as pretty as it does when it’s on high or ultra but considering the, foliage renders thick grass or bushes that you normally wouldn’t see it’s actually a huge. Advantage to set this to low instead of high when I first started playing I thought I was laying down in some thick grass and nobody could see me when in. Fact on the other player screen I’m. Just laying down on the side of a naked hilltop so it’s kind of comical but, also a huge disadvantage so make sure you set this to low now the next tip I want to cover is one of the first, and most important decisions you’re going to make an every map and that is where to bail out of your airplane there’s a lot of. Different things that should affect this decision if you bail towards the outskirts of the island you might be less contested when you have to try. And loot buildings, and find good gear you may not run into as many players however statistically you’re more likely going to. Need to do a lot of traveling towards the beginning of the game which means traveling over large open areas this is certainly doable. But the more you have to travel and big open areas and the less time you have to, sort of survey your surroundings and try and move tactically the higher the chances of you getting ganked by somebody camping in a, bush or behind a tree are going to be so basically the more traveling you have to do or that you’re forced, to do because of the ink coaching circle the higher your chances of dying now if you commandeer a vehicle sometimes you can sort of zoom to the center of, the circle and find a good building to. Hide out in or something like that but that is assuming that you can find a vehicle now there’s this cool, little map that shatter NL made he posted it on reddit in a few other areas like steam to help players, figure out where the loot is and the vehicles are on this map and this, can help out with figuring out your strategies and where to jump if you want to go to an. Extremity of the map you’ll probably want to pick an area that has a pretty high chance of finding a vehicle so that you can move around quicker vehicles are, very valuable in fact if you are parachuting down and you see a vehicle. On the road it might be worthwhile to divert your drop so that you get the vehicle instead, of going to your loot spot because then you can use that vehicle to drive out to further extremities of the map that, other players can’t get to and then you can loot it all uncontested now when you physically bail out of the airplane. Sometimes if you’re bailing over a target that you’re right above you can aim straight down this will allow you to plummet towards. The earth even faster around 230 kilometers an hour and if.

You’re actually going at this maximum speed you will fly a little bit past your parachute opening point and this will allow you to open it at a lower altitude allowing you. To get on the ground before a lot of the other players unless they’re using the same technique. This can be very useful if you’re just, going straight down for some highly contested loot and you want to be the first person there now once you land on the ground you get your bearings you fight anybody that landed right. Next to you and then you start looting items it’s important to understand. Your loop what gear you’re picking up and it’s kind of how it all works because looting quickly is a. Big part of this game you have to know what you need or what you’re going to try and collect that. Round so you can do it as quickly as possible and move on to the next area, understanding capacity and what increases your capacity is important that’s how much gear you can hold picking up a level one backpack increases your capacity by 150 a level to, increases it by 200 and level.

3 increases it by 250 furthermore if you actually pick up some torso armor that will increase your capacity by another 50 regardless of whether it’s level 1 or three armor you’ll get. 50 bonus capacity now picking up armor and helmets is going to be very useful level one gear is not bad, by any means and you should absolutely pick it up right at the start if it’s all you have available. Obviously the higher level gear is better but it’s not going to necessarily make or break a, firefight the different levels of armor mitigate the same amount of damage. Just level 3 has more durability than level 1 if you end up killing your opponent and they have some damaged level-3 armored on them chances. Are that level-3 armored is going to be worse than some brand new level 1 armor so just look at the armor level points available and that, will pretty much dictate which armor you should pick up almost always damaged armor is going to be worse than brand new, armor now when it comes to helmets these can prevent you from getting one shot killed. By headshots they’ll actually provide physical armor protection if you get shot, in the head however if you get shot in the face with a level one or two helmet it’s not going to mitigate any of, that damage if you get the level three helmet though it does have a face protector and that will stop one shot head. Shots especially from the SKS or the car 98 which can be very lethal at range now so you’ve, got a bit of a feel for the game you’re better surviving for longer periods of time in winning firefights chances are you’re going to, be taking a bit of damage. During firefights or maybe you’ll get stuck in the circle for a bit of time and you’ll take some serious damage. And need to heal up understanding the difference between med kits energy drinks painkillers first aid kits is important as these can all be, used in conjunction and for different purposes bandages are the most common they’ll heal a small amount of your HP you can use multiple of them, and you can heal up to 75 percent of your help first, aid kits work in the same way except they’ll instantly heal you to. 75 percent of your health and by instantly I mean during the duration it takes to apply your, first-aid kit med kits will heal you all the way up to a hundred percent of your health but these are much harder to come by energy drinks painkillers and the rare adrenaline syringes heal you over time. And they can heal you beyond that seventy-five percent as well. The difference between energy drinks and say painkillers are that you can consume an energy drink faster the. Effects don’t last as long painkillers they take long or to consume but the effects last longer if you take two of these at a time they can either be to painkillers. Or two energy drinks or. Mix and match you will also get a speed boost and this will help you sort of out. Run circles sometimes if you’re in the damaging area also hitting X will holster your weapon and you can run a little bit faster while you’re not carrying again using. These items has absolutely saved my ass and allowed me to survive being in the circle for extended periods of time nothing’s we’re talking about the. Circle we may as well talk about circle awareness this is one of the leading causes of, death in player unknowns battlegrounds I still die to it sometimes now it is a very difficult mechanic to wrestle with especially, early in the game when you’re learning as you’ll get caught up in exploring the world looting. Buildings and you’ll forget that the circle is encroaching on you and. Sometimes you’ll get caught in it there’s not a lot you can do it’s the ultimate. Newbie killer and occasionally it will certainly take down an experienced player as can often happen when you’re, caught up in the middle of a firefight or you’re out running the circle you’ll see other players at running that circle you’ll start to shoot. At each other you’ll damage each other then the circle will get to you and end up.

Killing both parties so it can be a brutal mechanic to deal with and checking your map, frequently and constantly helps you determine where the next circle is going to be and also looking at your mini-map in the lower right-hand corner will show you how much time you have before the circle starts to encroach, let’s talk about some of the controls that can, help your game play the first and foremost is that using your camera to. Look around you while you’re running is incredibly important you can do this by holding the Alt key and then moving your mouse to orient your camera in a different direction. This is very helpful for checking behind you while you’re in a full at sprint across the field or just looking left and right it can, also be a very useful tool for looking around you without moving your, player model so if you’re prone in a sniper position, and you think there’s like a guy behind the tree but you don’t want to move your player model in order to get seen by other. Players you can hold alt and look around you without moving your player a very very useful tool when you kill an. Enemy and you go over to loot them it can be, very helpful to keep your player moving while you’re looting if you’re out in an open field and you don’t want to. Be an easy sniper target you can kind of shuffled back and forth as long as you stay close enough to, the link box this can make you a hard target right-clicking on items in the link box rather than dragging and dropping is a quicker way to get, them to your inventory and in the same line of thought right-clicking on items in, your inventory will automatically apply weapon attachments to your weapon or activate heels so you don’t have to drag. And drop really in this game right clicking is a quick and efficient way of doing things make sure you check out the key binding, list in the game there’s a lot of hot keys that will help you get access your items without having to go. To your inventory you can activate a lot of your heel kits by just simply using some of the number keys pressing 5 will. Cycle through your different types of grenades and once you start to throw a grenade once you see that red. Arch that means the grenade is already cooking so if it’s a frag grenade you, better throw that thing before it blows up in your own hand now when it comes to weapons weapon attachments and gear this can certainly give you a, huge advantage in a firefight it’s not, necessary to win a game I’ve won games with some level 1 gear and some relatively crappy weapon attachments. But it certainly does help out one of my most coveted weapon attachments in the game is the ACOG four times optic as this allows you to engage players that, further ranges it’s great for assault rifles you can use it on SKS even a sniper rifle if you need to it’s just a. Great optic and since, so much of this game is going to be about medium to long range firefights having a magnified optic is very very important now obviously shotguns are great in close quarters.

But so are fully automatic assault rifles the akm is one of the better close range, of assault rifles and then the other ones that use 556 ammo are usually better arrange people seem to think the m16a4 is one of the best ranged assault. Rifles and it certainly is again another one of the. Most coveted items but a very rare item is the suppressor for the assault rifle this can totally mask your location. When getting into firefights and it’s one of the best things to keep yourself hidden and alive if you can find one of these then you’re, in a very good place but if not don’t worry about it is most players, probably won’t have them sidearms for the most part are really only good in the early game when, players are still picking up weapons they can be a good way to kill your first, opponent who maybe doesn’t have a gun yet or just snuck up on them but as soon as you. Can get anything beyond a pistol switch to that and use that instead of your sidearm and just keep the handgun as backup or whatever you’re not taking up capacity of, your player by having a, weapon equipped only if it’s in your inventory if you decide that you’re not going to be using your pistol anymore drop that 9-millimeter amo that you might be.

Caring for it or same goes for like a shotgun, or something like that if you decide you’re not going to be using shotguns anymore drop the ammo free up some of your backpack capacity anyway that pretty much wraps it up. For this beginner’s guide to player unknown to battlegrounds I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope it helps. You get into the game with a few less headaches this can be a very frustrating game it still, is for me right now I’ll often get into the game and die right away sometimes but that is just the nature of this game. So try not to get frustrated with it enjoy the heart-pounding and fun action-packed moments that it can deliver as always thanks. For watching and I’ll see you next time this is level cap signing up you .

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