Rune Changer – League of Legends Toolkit

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Rune Changer – League of Legends Toolkit

Download Rune Changer – League of Legends Toolkit for FREE

To use it just open League of Legends and then Rune Changer. It will do it’s magic in the background.

Currently, whole GUI is rewritten under the watchful eye of our designer, whole codebase is refactored to allow us for much more freedom in adding new features. It became something much more than just application for changing runes, it’s a whole toolkit for improving an overall experience with League of Legends.

RuneChanger v1.0

The first version of Rune Changer was only what the name suggested. It downloaded appropriate runes in background and gave an option inside a client to choose them.

RuneChanger v1.10

The next version had more features such as quick chat replies or anti-away, which required some kind of GUI for setting up all those functionalities.

Can I get banned?

I contacted Riot about it and this is their response:
1. This software doesn’t provide any advantage. It only speeds up setting runes when in champion select.
2 & 3: This project is open source and if you are feeling unsure you can always check the code. Pull requests are also welcome 🙂

Where is the source for runes?

Rune Changer gets all runes for champions from The author of this site gave me permission to use runes from his site.

How it actually works?

When you click on champion in champion select, Rune Changer downloads runes for that champion from and displays simple GUI to apply them to your current rune page.

More technical answer:
It uses internal League of Legends client api to find out which champion you want to play and set all needed runes. Nothing is actually injected into client as the button and the list is separate window which follows client window.

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