Selling Dota 2 MMR Accounts

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Selling Dota 2 MMR Accounts

Download Selling Dota 2 MMR Accounts for FREE
Selling Dota 2 MMR Accounts – Only the best accounts 51415663 - Free Game Hacks

To play with good team in Dota you need a good DotA account 2!

On our website you can find an account with any rank. Dota 2 accounts with Divine rank, Ancient rank, Legend rank, Archon rank, Crusader rank, Guardian and Herald rank restock every day! On the high mmr – You will play in a balanced team, without noobs and feeders! On low mmr account you – You will easily win every match!

Save time – Buy new Dota 2 account! To raise your rank 3-4 star, you would need at least 50 matches with a good winrate – thats really difficult. Also there will be many times when the enemy is either too good, or your team is just too bad.

When you buying an account, you become more credible – you can play with professionals players, streamers, and other amazing guys!


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Dota 2 accounts

You hardly find somebody your own age who didn’t hear about Dota2. And no wonder: this game is so interesting and exciting, that millions of people play it every day! And since the introduction of the ranking system (MMR) every player can estimate his or her mastery and play with worthy gamers of an appropriate level.

There are seven types of ranks, depending on amount of MMR: Herald (up to 700 points), Guardian (up to 1540 points), Crusader (up to 2380 points), Archon (up to 3220 points), Legend (up to 4060 points), Ancient (up to 4900 points) and Divine (5040 points and more). Every gamer can play with rivals about the same rank. So if you want to play with really strong players you need to play and score MMR, day by day. Or you can buy a boosted account and do it right now!

Buy Dota 2 account

Wanna be a part of this wonderful world and fight with strong gamers? You can even become a professional player and earn big money on it. Buy a ready account and don’t waste your time on rating earning.

You can buy an account of any rank you want. It’s the easiest and the fastest way to get into the fantastic world of Dota 2! We guarantee that you’ll obtain a valid account with required rank. All of our Dota 2 accounts are purchased from real players. We give a guarantee for each ranked account. Buying a new Dota 2 account will allow your to start playing DotA in a couple of minutes. Choose one of the dozens Dota 2 MMR accounts and become a tough player in a few minutes!

Where can I buy Dota 2 account?

Buy Dota 2 ranked accounts with a rating can be almost anywhere, including from the hands of private sellers. However, where is the guarantee that such an account will not be stolen? To avoid such problems, it is better to use trusted website DOTA2FASTMMR! We provide 90 Days guarantee on each Dota 2 account!

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