TFT: How to get Little Legends cosmetics

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TFT: How to get Little Legends cosmetics

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TFT: How to get Little Legends cosmetics

Updated 13 aug 2019 By Thomas “Calo” Sauzin


Everyone knows that magpies love shiny new things. Do you want to feel pretty while dominating the Convergence? Well, Teamfight Tactics has something for you! Read on for more.

TFT: How to get Little Legends cosmetics

As a free-to-play game mode, Teamfight Tactics offers a large number of cosmetics in its shop. These concern almost everything visual in the game, except the champions’ skins themselves (unlike League of Legends). Little Legends, Arenas, or summoner icons — everything you need to feel pretty is explained in the article below!

How does Beta Pass work?

For those of you who might not get what the Beta Pass is, it’s simply a bunch of rewards that you can earn thanks to weekly missions. Each reward can be unlocked by leveling up your Beta Pass. Each day you will obtain an Orb of Enlightenment that will grant you 80 experience points. Also, you will be able to get more XP from completing weekly missions.


While we had the confirmation that next Beta Pass will actually contain the same rewards than the previous one, it seems now certain that patch 9.17 will bring new stuff to earn.

The previous Beta Pass — which ended in late July — as well as the one which will get released with patch 9.16 contain the following rewards:

  • Level 1 (100 Points): Starter Little Legend Egg (Your choice of one Sentinel Runespirit, Demacian Silverwing, or Soft-Nosed Molediver)
  • Level 2 (300 Points): Two Arena Skins (Arrowhead and Runic Arena)
  • Level 3 (600 Points): Tier 1 TFT Launch Icon
  • Level 4 (1,000 Points): Mystery Emote
  • Level 5: Tier 2 TFT Launch Icon
  • Level 6: Mystery Emote
  • Level 7: TFT Arena Skin (Rift Arena)
  • Level 8: Tier 3 TFT Launch Icon
  • Level 9: Tier 4 TFT Launch Icon

Buy Cosmetics with Money

Like most free-to-play games, TFT is monetized notably thanks to an in-game shop shared with League of Legends. If you want to, you can buy Riot Points that you can then used to get some stuff within Riot’s bazaar. Keep in mind that you can only buy cosmetics, meaning that TFT isn’t a pay-to-win game — at all. However, if you want to feel pretty at any cost then it might be the best solution.

Once you added Riot Points to your account, you will be able to purchase new Little Legends:

  • 750 RP: select and buy the Little Legend you want
  • Purchase Little Legends Eggs! Be careful as you need to buy certain eggs if you’re aiming for a specific Legend. You can either buy a level one egg — 490 RP — which contains one Legend, or a level two egg — 4 900 RP — which contains 10+1 Legends.

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Patch 9.16 just hit Teamfight Tactics servers, introducing four new champions — Camille, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx — and their Trait: Hextech! Balance changes, new Little Legends, new Beta Pass — read on!


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