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Download Apex Legends hack for FREE

Designed for APEX Legends


  • “StrunderSv” Kernel Driver with memory Read/Write commands by Sockets
  • “LocalStrunder” CPP application to connect and send the commands and do the wallhack/aimbot
  • “AmazingWindow” Simply dummy transparent application to show the wallhack in topmost


  • External DirectX 9 Wallhack
  • Aimbot (Writing View Angles directly in the game memory)

How to run

  • Load StrunderSv into System memory with KDMapper (Basic Vulnerable Driver Exploit)
  • Run AmazingWindow
  • Run LocalStrunder
  • Open Apex Legends


KDMapper is an application that uses a vulnerable drivers to load bad drivers into system memory as ring0

Note: Apex Legends Have “Easy Anti Cheat” and will ban your account if you use this source without rewrite anything

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