Valorant to Aim Lab Sensitivity Conversion :: Aim Lab General Discussions

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Valorant to Aim Lab Sensitivity Conversion :: Aim Lab General Discussions

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Originally posted by Drimzi:

I have tested, and it is identical. I tested both the sensitivity and the field of view.

Aim Lab:

1. Valorants sensitivity is assumed to be Mouse Sensitivity * 0.07 = Degrees turned per mouse movement.

2. If Valorants sensitivity is set to 1, then there is 0.07 degrees turned per mouse movement.

3. If your mouse is 400 DPI, then there is a mouse movement every time the mouse is moved 1/400th of an inch.

4. To turn 360 degrees, there will need to be 5142.857 mouse movements (360/0.07), accomplished by moving the mouse 32.6571 centimetres ((360 / 0.07) / (400/ 2.54)).

5. Since it is near impossible to move 32.6571 centimetres without human-error, I will use the scripting feature inside Logitech G HUB to send the mouse movements to the game, using MoveMouseRelative(x, y).

6. Valorants FOV is also assumed to be 103 degrees. To test this, we can turn 51.5 degrees (half of 103), to move the crosshair from the location at the centre of the screen, to the location at the edge of the screen. This will require 735.7 mouse movements (51.5 / 0.07).

7. If any assumptions are wrong, then sending this amount of mouse movements to the game will result in a completely random rotation. If the assumptions are correct, then the test should make the crosshair turn one full revolution, ending up exactly where we started, and if both the fov and sensitivity is correct, then turning 51.5 degrees will turn to the edge of the screen.

Other things to take note of:

1. Valorant forces a 103 field of view for your native resolution, squishing the image for custom resolutions with lower aspect ratios. They squish it so that when you stretch it back to fullscreen, it results in a normal image (no stretched enemies for competitive purposes). Aim Lab can replicate this by setting the Display Stretching Ratio to your native aspect ratio. If you don’t do this, Aim Lab will be stretched (like any other game), and it won’t match Valorant which will be normal due to their quirky system.

2. There is a bug in Aim Lab where if the input source is set to Raw Input, plugged in controllers can interfere with the mouse input. They can cause the mouse sensitivity to feel really slow. Unplug any controllers if the sensitivity is slow.

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