Walter Black PUBG Mod ESP (100% Working)

Walter Black PUBG 1 - Free Game Hacks

Walter Black PUBG Mod ESP (100% Working)

Hey PUBG players, I want to tell you about the Walter Black PUBG Hack. I strongly recommend you not to use this. But if you want to use or try how it works you can do it.

Walter Black Pubg Mod

Walter Black Pubg Mod

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Lets Begin.

Steps for Walter Black PUBG

Here are the steps for download and installing Walter black mod.

  1. Goto Filemanager> Android > OBB > com.tencent.ig
  2. Change the name to “com.tencent.ig1”
  3. Goto Android > Data > com.tencent.ig
  4. change the name to “com.tencent.ig2”
  5. then uninstall the original version of PUBG
  6. Download Here the Mod
  7. and Install it.
  8. That’s all

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MOD is here in description of video. Click here

Note: This will create a high chance of account banning. I recommend you to not to try on your main account.

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What is Walter Black Mod PUBG?

Walter Black PUBG mod is a modded app by Turkish programmers. This Mod allows to use of ESP in the game and also provides several hacks. It consists of Aimbot, Recoil hack, Wallhack, and Magic bullets.

Walter Black is the name given by the programmer as this app resembles the character of Walter.

Walter Black MOD APK

Walter Black is a mod apk for PUBG mobile which has very cool features. I personally feel that this is good for educational purpose only. I do not recommend to use apps like this which can also be harmful for you.


I want to tell that, this Walter Black mod apk is very easy to install and use. This can also be run on unrooted mobile phones. But this can be harmful and could ban your account.


Does Walter Black Mod PUBG need rooted phone?

No, Walter Black Mod does not need phone to be rooted. You can just install it by using the steps and use it

Is Walter Black Free tool?

Yes, Walter Black mod is free to use till now, but in future updates it may become paid app.

All the video credits and Mod credits is given to Walter Black PUBG.

Thank you.

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